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Cool Hand Flex - Renegade Selector Series 2 [Jun. 2nd, 2011|05:20 am]
online jungle music
Artist: Cool Hand Flex
Album name: Renegade Selector Series 2
Tracks :
  1. MP3LogoMercy Mercy (de Underground Exclusive mix)

Holidays Merged: Wicked-Cool Christmas Designs

What do you get when you combine the magic of the Christmas season with the deviant artwork of the Halloween holiday? Some seriously wicked-cool Christmas designs! Ive hand-picked the following 16 Christmas designs from DeviantART designers based on originality, skill,

World's Fasted Hands Free Typer Is a Quadriplegic

This is so cool. Hank Torres is paralyzed from the shoulder down but with the use of Swype and a head tracking device he was able to set the Guinness World Record for fastest hands free typing.

Cool Transformers Webcam Hand Trick (Video)

Lonely dorm life has led them to become highly skilled with their hands.

Garmin Releases Cool New Screenshots of nüvifone

It’s been nearly a year since Garmin announced the nüvifone. And while the phone still isn’t out, Garmin is providing us with a nice handful of screen shots, perhaps as a final sneak peek before CES. If you’ll recall, the nüvifone is Garmin’s first combination GPS/phone device.

Cool Hand Flex Hold Back

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