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Hard Drive - Jungle to Jungle [Aug. 11th, 2011|01:04 am]
online jungle music
Artist: Hard Drive
Album name: Jungle to Jungle
Tracks :
  1. MP3LogoOriginal Rude Boy Tune

Possible virus purging help :/ Media direct..?

Hey everyone,

I need some help with my laptop, I think there may be a virus or worm of some sort hiding in here. I've never re-installed Vista or done anything except scan, delete minor viruses and reboot. After a recent download, my computer has been shutting off randomly, getting blue screens, when I turn the computer on something tries to scan the entire computer, and a hard drive labeled "MEDIADIRECT" has appeared that has almost 2GBs of strange files (i.e. welcome page pictures for "Media Direct" with words in english and arabic..). I have scanned my computer with all of the following: Spyware Doctor, Malwarebytes' Antimalware, Avast Antivirus, and I am currently scanning with Hitman Pro 3.5. All came back clean.

Does anyone know what's going on, what should I do?? :C